To train, or not to train?

Well, I never wanted this to be a foodie blog. Which is what it’s fast becoming.
So, for something different, I’m not going to mention food, my budget or anything along those lines tonight.
*I am going to tell you that I have Chicken Basil Pesto cooking and it smells Ah-May-Zing!*

We have been considering toilet training for a while now. we have tried on and off. Not really tried, more we sit him ont he toilet when we think about it, if he does something hurrah. If not, no biggie.
But, seeing as how we use MCN’s (modern cloth nappies for the uneducated – definitely worth looking into for ANYONE with a baby in nappies. Excuses about cloth is too hard will go out the window) I’d like to have Dex out of nappies by the time his little sister decides to grace us with her presence. Not because I have a problem with washing that many nappies, but because I don’t know if my clothesline is big enough to hold that many =s
So the other day, a cranky, just woken up Dex was sitting on the toilet, with Daddy supervising. Dex was slouched meaning the rounded bit specifically designed to accomodate their “bits” wasn’t doing the sheilding job it should. Cue Dex wee. Pat, shouts, because Dex gets his arm. Dex bursts into tears because he thinks he’s in trouble. Me, trying to say over Dex crying (without shouting) No, you’re such a good boy! Mummy is SO proud of you! Dex, still sobbing, still weeing, each sob shoots wee in a different direction, Pat yells more, Me, shoving marshmallows into Dex’s mouth for “positive reinforcement” … Sound familiar?
Please tell me someone else had this experience with toilet training? Someone else has a hubby stupid enough to shout when they get hit with a little bit of wee? It didn’t scar your kids… Did it? Stop them wanting to toilet train for years to come?
He’s really funny actually, he watches me on the toilet (not in a creepy way, in a learning way) and he’s started to pick up the use of toilet paper etc. He grabs the paper when he’s “finished” and shoves it down the front of him, then says “up”.

Other news, I think my blood pressure is playing up. I’m almost 23 weeks now and I haven’t had a dr’s appt in about 8 weeks, because I guess I just slip through the cracks. I see them on friday and am going to demand more better-er monitoring.

Ok lovelies, hit me with your tt tragedies… Make my night =]
Going to eat my Chicken Basil Pesto (which is delicious, by the way)



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