Blow the Budget

That’s what I did this morning. Completely blew the budget.
Not on food though – Not on us. For us, I bought some bananas, muesli bars, 4 chicken thighs, potatoes and peaches.

The rest? I bought things for people who can’t buy it for themselves. All those poor, strong, amazing, inspiring people who are refusing to be broken even after they have lost everything.

I imagined it was me who had just lost my house.
I imagined it was my dog I couldn’t find.
I imagined it was my son telling rescuers to save his little brother first.
I imagined it was me, recieveing a phone call from my sister while she was waist deep in water waiting to drown, calling to tell me she loved me.

How can we do nothing? We don’t have a lot of money to donate. We have bills to pay, rent, electricity, all that menial stuff. Things that really, in the big picture, don’t really count to much at all. But they have to be paid.
So what I CAN do, is spend my weekly budget on someone else. Because we have food in the freezer, we have family we can visit if we need a meal. These people have NOTHING. Not even the clothes on their backs are worth staying in.

So we bought toothbrushes. We bought toothpaste. Soap. Tampons. Pads. Insect repellant. Bandaids.
Can you imagine, having lost everything, having to ask for pads as well? Losing the last dignity you have left?

I can’t do much, but I can do this.
You can too.

Imagine if it was you.
Yes, they do need money. But right now, they have nothing to spend it on. They need dignity too. And we can help them. Being able to brush your teeth or wear clean undies – the little things we take for granted are VERY important when it’s all you have.

Ill be posting my care package this afternoon. I encourage you all to do the same. Even if it’s one pair of socks – think how much that will mean to someone that could have been you.

*I’ll put the postage address up as soon as I recieve it from a friend*

Address is:
Flood Relief Donations
43 Lagoon St
QLD 4390


3 thoughts on “Blow the Budget

  1. >You have such aheart of gold-How inspiring…I'm going to do the same when I get paid…Not with my food budget..but I had a list of things saved to my faves that I was going to buy this week..I don't need new clothes, my baby doesn't need new headbands…People out there right now need a hell of alot more than what we do-so I have now deleted the things i wanted from my favourites and will use that money to buy non-perishables to donate aswell 🙂

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