>Over did it a bit

>Ok, so I spent a little too much on groceries the other day. BUT I only spent $100 which has been a lot better than my more recent efforts.

And I’ve been thinking… i don’t know HOW I used to spend $200 a week on groceries. My cupboard has never been as full as it is now. I don’t know where all that money was going. Really, I don’t. I can spend $100 now and literally not have room for all my groceries in my fridge/freezer.
It’s scary to think about all that money that I have no idea how I spent. I think we threw out SO much food instead of giving it to the dog or freezing it for later.
I’d buy expensive pre cut chicken stir fry strips instead of buying skin on chicken breast for $6.99 a kg (yup – at Leonards) and cutting it myself. It seriously takes 3 seconds to remove the skin and it’s a whole $5 a kg CHEAPER to buy it with the skin on! I’d be afraid of buying home brand. The shame! What would the checkout person think?!? My guess is the only thing they are really thinking about is when their shift ends. Unless you buy a cucumber, some condoms and lube. BUT if that’s what you’re purchasing, you have no shame anyway so….
I would never dare look at the seconds trolley at the fruit store. I would buy enough capsicum (or any other fruit and veg) that I could throw out what I didn’t use and cut open a new one for the next recipe!

Now I think about these things, I shudder. I can’t believe I was that careless. NOW I made bolegnaise the day before shopping day and ALL veggies go into my sauce. I chop them up in my Turbo Chef (youtube it, they are amazing!) and it all goes into the dish. So much goodness not being wasted, so mch extra food on our plate! I usually make a quiche too and use leftover veggies in that.

But, in saying this, I know I still have a long way to go. For one, I have rarely succeeded in my $50 budget. For another, I still throw out too much food. Yep. I do. At least I recognise it now, but that doesn’t really help me get it back. I’m actually really excited, Pat (the wonderful man he is) got his work bonus and told me to buy myself some Tupperware with it. To be specific, the modulars – because we’ve been talking about FINALLY organising our pantry for ages.
And I know I rant on about Tupperware, but only because it works. I had to throw out a container of dried Shitake mushrooms the other day because they were mouldy. That’s depressing. I had flour with weevils – I’d used about a cup out of a 2kg bag. I have stale saladas, ice cream cones and biscuits.
This is why I can’t wait to get my modulars. I want everything to be fresh. I want everything to be organised. I can’t wait to see all those pretty containers (with their lifetime garentee) stacked and packed and labelled neatly into my cupboard. No, I do not have O.C.D. I just have a serious case of being sick of wastage.
I realise it may sound a little depressing, but think about how much food you throw out because it’s a bit stale. Or it got left out over night because you couldn’t be bothered to put it in the fridge. Or because you left it in the fridge instead of putting it in the freezer. It’s just laziness that’s costing us so much!

Ok, end rant. I made a really yummy soup/stew thing last night, because Pat is on the tail end of a cold so I figured I’d give him a healthy dose of good food to get rid of it.
Ingredients seem like a lot, however this filled a 4lt saucepan – so plenty of leftovers!

2 Carrots – thick chunks
2 potatos – cubed
1/2 butternut pumpkin – cubed
1 leek – cliced into rings.
6 mushrooms – halved then into thirds.
1 tin or corn
2 Chicken Breast – chunky cubes
3 rashers shoulder bacon – diced
2 cups pasta (I used macaroni)
1 lt vegie stock
1 lt water
Pepper to taste
Good amount of garlic (cold fighting)

Method –
Chuck everything into the pot except pasta and let it all simmer until everything is cooked and it smells delicious.
Add the pasta and Let it cook until the pasta is done.

And you’re done =]

I’m sure this would go really well in a slow cooker too, and the meat would be interchangable or completely removable depending on finances/food preference.


3 thoughts on “>Over did it a bit

  1. >Love this – new blog follower from AMB. I used to be the same about "what would the checkout operator think" with the home brand – then I had 3 kids and got over that! I now get excited if I see the expensive red capsicum on the bargain tray in the fruit and veg section. Thanks for making me feel normal =)

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