>Thursday Morning Markets.

>Well, at least that was the plan this morning.
But when I arrived, my favourite big fruit and veg stand wasn’t there. It completely through me out.
I went to the local fruit/veg mart instead, but I’m still a little out of sorts because they’ve completely destroyed my usual thursday morning!

So anyways, the weekly meal plan is as follows:
Mango Chicken
Chicken Laksa
Sausage Slowcooker
Chickpea Curry
Salmon – is what Pat wanted, but I’m not entirely sure that’s what he’s getting
Pumpkin Pasta.

We have all the chicken and the sausages in the freezer…

Recipe for Mango Chicken:

1/2 red onion finely diced
4 chicken thighs cubed
1 tin mangos (drained, keep juice/syrup)
1 can coconut cream.

Mash the flesh of the mangoes. Then, add EVERYTHING into a slow cooker on low for 8 hours and you’re done! So simple! Serve with rice =]


One thought on “>Thursday Morning Markets.

  1. >So simple. bet it has so much flavour too!I hate when your usual stands not somewhere and it throws you right off…like when I go to get the MASSIVE punnets of strawberries for fruit salad and smoothies and the lady who sells them isn't there…I'm not paying shop prices when I can normally get them for a quarter of the price for 4 times as many strawbs…there goes my snacking!

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