>For my whole 43 followers…


I am wondering, would you be interested in me doing a recipe a week from My great Grandnanna’s cook book?

It has some recipes in there from HER Nanna.

I’m asking, because I’m making Yorkshire Pudding at the moment.

I love the feeling that she would have made the same thing, using the same recipe book I am.

I feel like I’m cooking history.

I’m actually contemplating typing it all out and seeing if it can be published. If not that, doing a “foodie” blog where I cook something out of the book every day.

But I’m worried that would be a little too Julie and Julia.

So just for now, would you like a Great Grandnanna’s recipe once a week?

I appreciate all input =]


7 thoughts on “>For my whole 43 followers…

  1. >Do it! My kids request yorkshire puddings when I make a roast.Yesterday I made fudge – from my Nanna's recipe. every time I make it I feel like she is right there with me. and the other thing – "they" as in that generation seemed to be able to make a feast out of whatever was on hand!

  2. >That would be awesome! I can see it being a great cookbook to publish — especially if you put in little stories about your day to day life, a little like this blog.I would love to see what you come up with.

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