>Someone Else’s Story

>I have a tragedy that I am unfortunate enough to be a part of. It isn’t even one of those comedy sort of tragedies so you can feel good along the way. It is just plain sad.
It makes me heart feel squished and my throat hurt.
But it’s not my story to tell. So instead, I’ll tell you about one of the main characters.

She is brilliant. An inspiration.
She is beautiful in a way she doesn’t see.
She gives the best hugs in the world.
She would give you her last $5 if you needed it. Even if she needed it more.
She works really, really hard. I’m talking 14 hour days 7 days a week.
She loves her children a lot.
She loves her husband a lot too.
She never has any objections to you calling five times a day just to chat, or because you are lonely. She’ll talk if she can.
She gets up every morning to trudge off to work, where sometimes she’s yelled at and occasionally sworn at. All with a smile on her face.
She has a wonderful smile that lights up her eyes.
She is a wonderful mother.
She is MY mother.

And I love her very much.


2 thoughts on “>Someone Else’s Story

  1. >Your mum sounds like an absolute gem. Sorry to hear about a tragedy; hope things improve.PS My mum would be delighted if I called 5 times a day. I'm terrible with phone calls and have received strict instructions to phone at least once a week.

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