>Letters to Dexter – 22 months


Dear Dexter,
You are 22 months old today.
We’ve jus started toilet training you. You are so clever. Although, you do say “farty” when you need to do a wee. We’ll explain it to you one day.
You love your little sister. Whenever you’re going to bed you’re constantly calling out Love you Lola, love you Lola! You always try to give her kisses and cuddles and tell her to smile. You hold her hand and tell me to be careful with her. You are just so precious.
You love daycare and Mr. Dan. You get so happy when you are going there – you tell me all about Miss Annie, Miss Abbie, Miss Helen and Mr. Dan. You’ve made friends like Chad, Tahlia and Noah. There are other names too, but I can’t quite pick them up when you tell me.
You still love hanging out with Grandad. You always want to be in his boat or his car or his tractor. You are constantly talking about how he is going in the car. “Grandad going car bowling, bowling car.” that’s what you tell me.
Your talking is so amazing. No one would believe you aren’t even two yet.
I love you.
I love watching you grow. Sometimes you can be trying – as all toddlers can be. But you are so beautiful, smart, funny and gentle that I can’t stay cranky at you for long.
Love Mummy

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