First Post Giveaway.

Photo from our recent holiday – Dutchies Beach, Nelson Bay

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. And I just had a pretty great holiday, so I decided a change was in order also. Works in my head.

To celebrate me buying a domain name (I feel so fancy – tattoodaddy knows better than to roll his eyes at me, or to question, for that matter!) I have presents for one lucky follower!

Because I’m a mum and I love cooking and saving money, I have bought you (or you?) and your little cherub: a children’s apron and teatowel set, a spatula and a Junior Season Serve – all from Tupperware.

*Tupperware fridge smarts are one of my best tips for saving money on your grocery bill*

for your chance to win:

Follow my blog.

Follow me on twitter @tattoomummy

Leave a comment below telling me what you would like to see on my blog. (recipes, budgeting advice, toilet training disasters etc.)

Possible extra two entries per person if you facebook and/or tweet about my giveaway – links must be posted in a seperate comment to your answer though!

And here are some happy snaps from our holiday to warm your heart.


22 thoughts on “First Post Giveaway.

  1. love the new look. totally love the new tagline too.
    congrats on the domain name and your first giveaway.

    I love a good budgeting tip. and recipes are good.
    I want it all.

  2. PMSL your tag line is awesome!
    I just want photos of your tattoos, I am completely obsessed with them. I follow a girl on Instagram that just posts photos of her own tattoos all the time, looooove them.
    I suppose a budget recipe would be good too… as long as there is some tattoo action in it too, OK? 😛

  3. I’m with Glowless, I want to see more tattoo action too 😉 then maybe I might get an inspiration for my next one lol. But seriously I really need recipes, and cheap ones at that. With 6 of us, its certainly not a cheap exercise to feed us all, so always looking for good ones.

    Congrats on the domain name! Have been thinking of doing the same thing as my blog just isn’t what it used to be LOL so the name is really crap!

  4. Budgeting tips please! Money is my enemy, so anything that helps cut costs/find ways to save are up on top of my list of things I need to learn. Oh and cooking… I hate it, but I have to do it. So low cost family meals 😀

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