World First – Tattoo Tuesday!

Hello and welcome to the AMAZING World First…. *drumroll*


So, the deal with Tattoo Tuesday. I asked what people wanted to see on my blog. Suprisingly, more than anything, people want to see my tattoos. Every Tuesday, I will Show you a tattoo, and a bit of info about it. Usually who did it and where I got it done. What it means to me.

I am also wanting to take submissions/guest blogs for Tattoo Tuesday. If you have something you love and are dying to share it, email me!

If you have come looking for inspiration, great! We’re full of it! All I ask is that if you see something you like especially if it isn’t mine, you contact me (or the person, if they have a contact page in their links) to ask permission to use it first. Why? Because it’s only polite. You’ll see what it means to the person who has the design and want to respct that.

And finally, NO BEING RUDE. If you don’t like the tattoo, don’t comment. Remember, people have this tattoo forever. They got it for a reason. You might not understand the reason. You might not think their tattoo accurately represents what they had in mind. That’s not yours to decide. I will not tolerate people being rude, mean or disrespectful. If you do not completely understand the reason behind it, by all means – ask a question. Just be respectful about it.

So, without further adeu:

My first Tattoo Tuesday!

I figured I’d put this one up first as i’s the one that I get most noticed (and avoided) for.

What is it: A (realistic) heart with a swallow on either side. There is a banner through the heart. I think I know what I’m putting in there. Not 100% so it’s not done yet.

Where is it: This is smack bang on my chest. Right hand swallow was done by a lovely fellow who’s name I forget. Outline of other swallow and all of the heart was done by Lance Daly. Dani Daly coloured in the left hand swallow whilst at Yakuza in Wollongong.

Why/what it means to me: Swallows are an old sailor tattoo. The sailors got them because they are meant to guide you safely home to lovely arms. When you saw swallows, you knew you were safe. I loved the idea of having something on my chest always designed to protect me and make sure I got home safe. And the heart? Whatr better place to keep your heart than between two birds who will guide you to loving arms.

The realistic heart was my boss at the time (Lance)’s idea. Something along the lines of all girls get a normal heart. I think you could pull a real heart off. I like dthe in your face-ness of the idea, so there it is!

So there’s the first Tattoo Tuesday. Please, ask questions and email me your submissions!



28 thoughts on “World First – Tattoo Tuesday!

  1. Love the story behind it. I have two swallows on my back 🙂 Im not brave enough to have them as out there as you.. If I could have them for a year I would!! 😛

    Looking forward to next weeks.. I do love to see how people express themselves..

  2. I love swallows. I have one on my foot, my feet guide me home and are the first thing to step in the door. I hate when it’s Winter and it’s covered up. I love hearing about the reason behind other peoples tattoos. Most people have a very clear reason and a story behind them all.
    How long did this one take?

    • Oh I like that they are on your feet, lovely reasoning also!
      This one took about 15 hours so far and it’s not finished yet, a bit to go.

  3. ohh I really like that! Love the story behind it too. Also think that if you had of gone with a heart ‘shape’, it wouldn’t look as good as this does. The real heart makes much more of an impact to the whole piece.

    Looking forward to each Tuesday now!!

  4. Yay, Tattoo tuesday! such a good idea. I love the swallows, your so brave to get that there, i would love a sleeve but im too scared i might not like it after a while xx You rock!

    • I’m pretty sure they have actually invented ink that is semi permenant and lasts 6 months so you can get them done and if you don’t like them they will eventually fade… A lot more expensive if you do end up liking it though!

  5. I sort of want a chest piece, but doubt I’d really ever do it. A swallow, however, will be making it’s home on my arm very soon 🙂

  6. Love it! I have two large swallows on either side of my belly, it was fun when I was pregnant and they stretched out really big! They have since gone back completely normal, so much for all those warnings about women getting stomach tattoos. I did look after my skin with bio-oil though. I have quite a few other tattoos and am pretty sure I’d be completely covered if they were free! 😀

    • I have a panther on the inside of my right hip bone and he grew too. He got a little stretch mark in his paw, but he’s back to normal size other than that!
      I always thought I’d only get one sleeve, but I’m getting close to finishing one and I still have plenty of ideas.

  7. A great idea! I have two tattoos on my chest (on each side) and I love them – they did hurt getting done though – especially the one right over my heart! My leg was twitching like crazy as he was doing it.

    Your tattoo is beautiful – can’t wait to see more!

    • I didn’t think the swallows were too painful, but the heart, right down the bottom on the rib cage hurt a fair bit. I was twitching by the end of it definitely!

  8. This is a great idea! I’m fascinated by people’s tattoos and always have to resist the urge to stare rudely.
    This particular one of yours is amazing. I hadn’t known swallows symbolized safe travel, and I think you’ve chosen a perfect spot for them. Love the realistic heart too – looks much more genuine than a pretend one. Such impressive art.
    Looking forward to next week!

    • Now you can look without having to stare! I’m hoping that eventually I’ll have people doing guest blogs as well, so we can get everyone’s sories, not just mine… I might eventually run out of tattoos hehe

  9. I love the story behind this tattoo. It’s amazing Jess! I am a big , fat chicken so I’ll probably never get a tattoo but I can live vicariously through Tattoo Tuesday! Can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Thanks Lene! I love this tattoo as well. It’s a bit in your face for a lot of people though. I was working at an adult shop for a little while and the owners asked me to cover it because customers might find it a little graphic?

  10. Hi from a new finder of your blog via Glowless! I have to say that tattoo is amazing!! I love your reason for it and think it really suits you! I also have a tattoo on my back which I got when I was 18, just over 10 years ago now, would love to get another one but still haven’t decided what I want to get yet!!
    I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing your other tattoos! 🙂

    • Welcome! I don’t actually have any tattoos on my back. Everyone always asks me if they hurt there and I can never give them an answer. Maybe you’ll share with us one day.

      • I didnt find that it hurt too much there, I went with a friend and didnt even realise she had started when she was actually already done all the black!

        Would love to share it with you all 🙂

  11. I don’t have any tattoos, I’m scared of the pain and I’m scared of commitment (like you said, it’s for life). I love your story and I love that your are brave enough to choose something to have for life.

    • I giggled a little about being scared to have something for life because children are way more permanent than tattoos! But I do understand what you mean.

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