Dexter 23 Months

I can’t believe that when I write your next letter, you will be two. It seems not too long a go I was bringing you home from hospital wondering what the hell I was meant to do with you.

You are amaing. Beautiful. Mesmerising. Sometimes you bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes I think I must be dreaming. Someone so perfect cannot belong to me. But you do.

Tonight I went and held your chubby little hand as you slept. You murmured “Love you Mummy.” and you brought tears to my eyes again.

Tomorrow you will wake up and prattle on about Grandad. And grandad’s Tractor. And Grandad going to work in the car, in the bowling car. And having weetbix for breakfast. And all the other things you fill my day with. I’ll listen to it all and store it away somewhere special, because it won’t be long now at all that you’ll be all grown up. The last 23 months has flown by.

You make me so proud sweetheart.

I didn’t know love until I had you.


3 thoughts on “Dexter 23 Months

  1. I didn’t know what unconditional love meant until I had my first child – my daughter – who is now 15, and I look at her in amazement and wonder how did I get so lucky… Its pretty incredible isn’t it?

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