2 & 3 Days to Happy(er)

Day two tells me to go on a flower walk or put some in my home.

Day three tells me to start a blog (which obviously, I already have) and record my thoughts and feelings. I cheated a little bit.

I didn’t go on a flower walk. Or buy some flowers for my home. I’m too poor for that one right now. Instead, I enjoyed all the beautiful flowers lining the road on my drive into town.

This is my favourite flower on the whole drive. It’s a terrible photo, which is disappointing. That dark green blob in the middle of the photo? That’s a daffodil. A lone daffodil. It just screams determination, individuality, never give up and all the other cliches that are portreyed on motivational posters with a picture of a flower poking out of the dirt/snow/rubble. But I love it.

Day 5 told me to wear something fun. And I did. I wore a dress that I hardly ever wear because I always thought it wasn’t a mummy-practical dress. But I found not only is it practical, it’s comfortable AND fun. The full skirt is perfect for Dex to hide under, so I’ll definitely be wearing it again =]

Day 6 wants me to wake up happy. I’ll probably do that tomorrow. As long as Lola gives me a little bit more sleep than last night… Please?


2 thoughts on “2 & 3 Days to Happy(er)

  1. Daffodils are so sweet and cheering, aren’t they. The price of flowers is horrendous, so I go the tacky route and buy fake ones. Dusk has several that don’t actually look too bad.
    Good luck with the waking up happy šŸ™‚

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