Black Forest Trifle


This is my amazing

 B lack Forest Trifle.

And because I’m such a wonderful person, I’m going to give you the recipe.


  • 1 double chocolate sponge roll from Woolies (make sure you get the one with the chocolate cream filling)
  • 1 jar pitted cherries (Woolies only sell either a jar or a tin – buy the jar)
  • 1 tin blackberries.
  • Enough port wine jelly to make 1lt (if you are using aeroplane jelly light version, you only need one box, if you use home brand, you’ll need two boxes)
  • 1 lg container thickened cream.

What you do:

  • Slice the roll cake into approx 1cm thick slices. Line the bowl with the cake, then cut up the rest into small peices and fill the middle of the bowl. Wedge a couple of smaller peices into the gaps. (as shown in photo below)

  • Empty both jar of cherries and tin of blackberries into a colander. Rinse and drain well.
  • Put approx 3/4 of cherry&berry mix into the bowl on top of the chopped up cake (see above).
  • Mix the jelly as per instructions on the packet. Pour over berries until it is almost to the top of the chocolate cake.
  • Refridgerate until jelly is set.
  • Pour about 75% of the cream into a bowl and sprinkle with a little castor sugar. Whip with electric beaters until stiff peaks form
  • Spoon over top of trifle. Top with remaining berry/cherry mix. Serve with left over cream in a bowl.




What’s your favourite dessert?


7 thoughts on “Black Forest Trifle

  1. I’m not a trifle fan – never liked the idea of the cake and jelly and custard and everything together in one sloppy mess, but this looks tempting! My favourite dessert however is probably sticky date pudding, followed very closely by chocolate mud cake.

  2. Oh! I LOVE this! Just the thing for Christmas, I think! Thanks for the recipe, I’m a hopeless cook, but I don’t think even I could stuff this one up!

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