What I don’t understand about gay marriage.

There are a few things I don’t understand about gay marriage.

Firstly. All it is, is this:

Love. People holding hands. Maybe a hand in the wife/husband’s back pocket. Perhaps a kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips. Everything we see hundreds of people do every day.

I don’t understand what makes people think they have a right to vote on someone else being able to commit to another person. A person that has absolutely nothing to do with them. What makes people think they ought to have an opinion about a relationship they will never be in?

Don’t use the “abomonation against God” excuse. Eat bacon? Your arguement is null and void. Cut your hair? Same. Wear a poly-cotton blend? Yep, you’re going to hell as well. And there will be a whole bunch of pissed off gay people who you refused to let marry down there with you.

As for the “why change something that’s been around for years?” way of thinking – yeah, why change it? Oh that’s right. If we didn’t have change, it would still be legal to buy and sell black people (be it aboriginal, african-american or any other nationality that was subject to slavery). Not to mention, if we didn’t have change, any WOMAN who has an opinion on the subject wouldn’t matter anyway, because you wouldn’t be able to vote.

“Because ‘Family’ is the backbone of Australia” – well. Australia is a paraplegic, because it’s backbone has a 50% chance of breaking. So that arguement is moot too.

The reality is, there is no reason to not legalise marriage. Your religion doesn’t recognise it? WONDERFUL. Good thing it’s not the religion that matters, because God doesn’t make the law. Neither does Allah, Vishnu or the friggen Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Fear is not a reason to prevent someone from committing to another person for the rest of their life. You can’t just say you don’t like GAY marriage. That girl you are stopping from getting married (probably) dreamed of getting alked down the isle by her Daddy in a beautiful white dress. That man (probably) dreamed of proposing to the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. Who cares if she’s walking down the isle to someone else wearing a dress? Who cares if the person he’s propsing too has a dick as well? They don’t, so neither should you.

Not your wedding? Not your problem.


8 thoughts on “What I don’t understand about gay marriage.

  1. Great post. Such an infuriating topic – mainly because the haters and fearful ones can’t be reasoned with. Wish they’d just shut up and mind their own business.

  2. I’m clapping hands here for this post. Then shall bow down to my shrine of the Flying Spaghetti monster.
    Here’s an idea. Lets go through the politicians and if any of them have ever broken any commandment ( lie, steal, cheat, sex outside marriage…) they don’t get to vote. I’m betting we wouldn’t need many Ballot cards.
    Do-gooders need to look at their own lives first and piss off with their judgment of others.

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