Tattoo Tuesday – Thou Shalt Not Envy

Where – Forearm

By – Arm at Coat of Arms Studio Coffs Harbour

Why – This is one I drew myself. It’s a key (I also have the locket) with some grey roses, some diamonds and a banner. The Banner says “Thou Shalt Not Envy”. I’m not a very religious person, but this strikes a cord with me. Often it is so, so easy to forget how much you have and be envious of those who seem to have it better. More money, taler, prettier, better shoes… I got this as a reminder that really, I have nothing to be jealous of. I have a beautiful partner who loves me and two healthy, happy and gorgeous children. Our families both love and support us. We have a thousand opportunities ahead of us. Hence, thou shalt not envy.




It has been suggested to me that I make Tattoo Tuesdays into a link up for all the other inked up mumma’s to show us their tatts too. And I would love too!

Just let me figure out how to make a button and a link up thingo and it’ll be here. Next week, ok?

Do you have trouble remembering all you have sometimes?


4 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – Thou Shalt Not Envy

  1. A link up would be great – none of my tatts are this pictureque, but I’d love to share mine and especially see others! I have a simple tatt on my inner right forarm, my own design, a combo of two stylised eternity symbols and a gratitude symbol. So, essentially, it represents ‘eternal gratitude’ to remind me to be grateful for everything I have :).

  2. I had to giggle.. because if I participate in a link up then everyone would see my before disaster… but then they would also see my after … and I love my after…

    Looking at yours is making me itchy to get my side added too…..

  3. That is a great quote to remember. I don’t have too much trouble remembering all that I have (which is all a girl could ask for, and then some) it’s just convincing myself that it is in fact more than enough for a happy life that takes some work sometimes 🙂

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