Tattoo Tuesday – the one from Zelda

What – Owl
Where – shoulder/bicep area
By who- Danielle from Yakuza outlined it and Arm from Coat of Arms coloured him in.

Why – I like Zelda. No, I’m kidding. It’s not actually from the game. I drew it because I like owls, they are mysterious, intellegent and sometimes more than a little scary. They represent wisdom and forsight.

Since I’ve had it coloured in though, I have had numerous people ask me if it’s the owl from Zelda. NO. It’s not.
I’ve never played Zelda. We clear?

Do you have a tattoo people mistake for something else?

The rules:
1. Check out Glowess because I had to look to her for guidance on “the rules”

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5. Linking will be open for a full 48 hours from the post going live (because I’m not very successful at getting it done first thing in the morning).




3 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – the one from Zelda

  1. Hey Jess, sorry haven’t been around for a while – thought I’d link up…
    Freaky lookin’ owl you have there hehe! Hope you’re all well, Jac x

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