Tattoo Tuesday. Faeries, family and protection

What – double lined, 7 pointed star

Where – ribs, right hand side

By – Sean, Coat of Arms

This what my first ever tattoo. I love it. It has multiple meanings to me. 7 is a very special number. There are 7 days of the week, 7 directions of magick, 7 chakra points, 7 people in my family…

It is a star of protection and power.

I also feel that having one point for each person in my immediate family keeps us together and connected, regardless of wherever we might be.

Do you have any spiritual tattoos?



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6 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday. Faeries, family and protection

  1. Ribs – ouch! The husband has the outline of a tattoo on his ribs. He said it hurt too much to ever go back and get it finished.

    I really like the symbolism of this tattoo. I’m a big fan of the number 7, it’s my favourite (as my daughter would say).

    Writing my link-up post now BTW. How I wish I was home in the morning to link-up earlier.

  2. Oh, I’ve been looking for a 7 point star for over a year now! I keep meaning to link up here (hmmm, have I said that before?) but really need to get new photos taken of my tatts…

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