Tattoo Tuesday – Tattoodaddy

Tattoodaddy is guest blogging  today, but he doesn’t know it. I took this photo while he was in the middle of changing a stinky nappy.

What – The HORDE crest

Where – On his bicep

By – Arm at Coat of Arms

Why – Because he’s a nerd, obviously. Who doesn’t want the Horde sheild on them forever? Who doesn’t want to pledge the ultimate love for the warcheif. Take the Blood oath to the next level. Seal it in blood, dammit!

Not to mention, he’s been playing World of Warcraft for about 5 years. His main character has seen him through some tough times.**

** The whole “Why” section is my speculation based on how much he loves World of Warcraft.


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One thought on “Tattoo Tuesday – Tattoodaddy

  1. Yay! I’ve finally pulled my shit together to link up! That’s a cool tattoo Tattoodaddy – not that I know the first thing about WoW, lol…

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