Thankful Thursday – Sweet Vanilla-ry Goodness.

Ohhhhhh SoGood. You make my mornings great by sweetening my coffee with your wonderful vanilla taste.

You make me smile about not being able to have normal dairy.

You make each morning feel as if I’m having a vanilla latte at a cafe somewhere far away from the screaming children and dirty nappies that is my every day.

Thank you and your vanilla wonderful-ness. I love you.

*This is not a sponsored post in any way. They haven’teven sent me any free So Good. But they should!


11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Sweet Vanilla-ry Goodness.

  1. LOL! I loved the little asterisked line at the bottom of the post – and so they should, great praise indeed! Maybe I should try it? I’m no fan of soy milk, but maybe that’s because I’ve never tried it flavoured!

  2. yummo! i haven’t had vanilla soy in ages… makes me want some. now. it tastes so good (hahaha) in chai… off to the supermarket in the morning. another good non-dairy milk is oat milk flavoured with a hint of honey. can’t remember the brand but in the UHT section of supermarkets…

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