10 things you’d hate about me

I was tagged over at Oh My,Lolly! To share 10 things about me. AND at least one of them, I know she’ll hate. So we’ll get that out of the way, shall we?

1. I sometimes forget to brush my teeth. Gross, I know. If I forget, I usually brush them at about 3am because it just feels too gross

2. I interrupt people when they’re talking. Not intentionally, but I just worry that the thingI want to say or want to show someone will disappear or I’ll forget it.

3. Sometimes I forget to eat all day. Then I’ll eat half a packet of timtams.

4. I use cloth nappies. Not on me, on Lola. And I’ll tell you just how easy they are to use. How you don’t really have an excuse to use disposable. BUT I won’t judge you if you do chose that.

5. I enjoy getting tattooed. I like the pain. It’s hard to describe.

6. I’m ridiculously awkward in social situations.

7. I’m constantly paranoid I have cancer. No idea why.

8. I was a tepin bowling nerd. 4th in Australia at one point.

9. I can’t understand why so many people try to validate a religion that completely degrades the value of females.

10. I pull the freak hairs out of tattoodaddy’s shoulders because they freak me out!


Now, I’m going to pass the buck to…

Dear Baby G  Dr Bron  Sifdal Torkona and FlyDrunkenMonkey




5 thoughts on “10 things you’d hate about me

  1. Haha! Oh no! To the naughty corner now!
    I really wish that I had used cloth nappies with my kids, older and wiser now 🙂
    The tattoo pain is awesome…
    Love your list xx

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  3. Hi – I found this via The Modern Family. This is hilarious!
    No 1 – me too
    No 3 – I do the half packet of timtams without having forgotten to eat all day…
    No 4 – I had twins and there was no WAY I was going to use cloth nappies. Not even a tiny snowball’s chance in hell! Well done though.
    Good reading, thanks!

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