Tattoo Tuesday – The Locket

Last tuesday I was getting tattooed. And I apologise for not having tattoo tuesday up.

BUT to make it up to you. I have photos of me being tattooed!

What – Locket

Where – inner elbow.

By – Arm at Coat of Arms

Why – Well, it’s actually really simple. I have a key . Every Key needs something to unlock. What better than the key to my heart. Also, it represents me wearing my heart on my sleeve.




The rules:
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3 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – The Locket

  1. Oh awesome! I so LOVE!!

    Gosh you make me so jealous!

    I have a picture I have permission by the artist to modify and have tattoo’d on me as a memorial to my Angel Babies, I have had it for the past… hmm… 5years I think . But $$ has always stopped me getting it.

    And every time I see your ink I think to myself “biatch” lol

    But my goodness, beautiful work!

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