Sunday Sweets – Jaffa Fudge

Three ingredients is all this takes.

A small orange, a tin of condensed milk and a packet of nestle dark chocolate melts.


Finely grate the orange rind.


Put the melts and the tin of condensed milk in a microwave proof bowl.

Heat until melted. In my microwave it took 1minute 40secs. It might be different in your microwave.

I recommend only heating in 20 sec intervals so you don’t burn the chocolate.


Stir until chocolate mix is well blended.

Add in orange zest.


Pour into a tin lined with greaseproof/baking paper.

I use a shallow tin because the recipe makes VERY rich fudge.

Refridgerate until set. Really only a couple of hours, but I do it over night to make sure.


Cut into desired size with a sharp knife. Enjoy!

*tip for this recipe – don’t use cheap paper to line the tray – the fudge will stick to it and it will be a pain in the bum to remove.

And this is today’s dress. Pretty, but it has to be worn at home, because the split at the back is so high that my bum hangs out. A lesson that you must ALWAYS try on a dress. even if it’s only $4.50 from the op shop


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