Review – My Pretties MCN

I am reviewing this gorgeous nappy from My Pretties . I did not receive payment for this review, however I did receive a discounted product.

This nappy is from a WAHM – which I love. It is important to me to support people like me, so that gets my tick of approval.

It is very well made, just as well as any of the mass produced nappies I own.

It is absolutely gorgeous (as I’ve said).

The ruffles on the bum are adorable and the butterfly embroidery is SO cute.

BUT the most important thing:

Does it work?

 I didn’t pre wash it – I was too eager to put it on her. It lasted approx 4 hours.

It also held a MASSIVE poo which she did just before I was going to change her.

It’s made with a Fatty Cakes pattern. Lola is the smallest end of the medium size – the front gaped a little but it didn’t affect the function. I expect when she puts on a little weight that will go away.

It is an AI2 design – the booster snaps in.

For only $30 it is an AMAZING nappy

I love it so much I’m ordering another one.

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One thought on “Review – My Pretties MCN

  1. These are so gorgeous! I became a big fan of cloth nappies with my third baby. Now she’s grown out of that stage but I’m trying to encourage my younger sisters to use them with my nieces. I’ll have to pass this business onto them!

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