FFS Friday

I am linking up with Dear Baby G for For Fuck’s Sake Friday.

Because what better way to celebrate the weekend than bitch about how shitty your week was. And, let’s face it, as mothers, we don’t get a weekend – the kids don’t just suddenly do all the crap they are meant to because it’s a saturday.

I have a crap load of work to do. And still no internet. Except through my phone. Lucky I upped that data cap. FFS

I don’t have a can opener to open the damn tinned tomatos for the spaghetti I had planned for dinner FFS

Tattoodaddy asked for Sheperd’s Pie instead and I don’t have any pastry. FFS

The kid upstairs is playing best of the 90’s or some other just as terrible crap. FFS

The girl who lived in our place left a whole bunch of shit in/around the bin and didn’t put it out for collection so we have a full bin. SO we’ve had rubbish piling up. And now we have a bunch of little flies in our house. FFS

I decided the rubbish was just too fucking disgusting today, so I piled it in my car and took it to a big bin. Now the little flies are in my car. FFS

The new place? My washing machine literally does not fit in my laundry. FFS

The hot water system is too small and there is no such thing as long,relaxing showers. FFS

Lola had her needles yesterday and has been a terrible grump ever since. FFS

Dex is getting lazy or something with toilet training. Just doesn’t bother telling me. FFS

The kid upstairs’s music is getting worse. FFS

Dear Baby G


3 thoughts on “FFS Friday

  1. Is it terrible if I say that I’m glad I’m not alone in having a shitty week? ’cause then that sounds like I’m glad that your’ve had a shitty week, and I’m not glad…ah just shut up Vicky…FFS

    About Dex – you may find its just the change of moving, and will settle pretty quickly. Just a thought.

  2. Oh man, sucks to be you at the moment *hugs*. Congrats on the new place? When we moved in here we found the washing machine had to stand in the middle of the floor of our laundry to reach the plug on one wall and the sink (for offloading water) on the other wall and the taps (for intake of water) on a third wall – I kid. you. not! Took the real estate agents six weeks to sort it so there was a plug near the washing machine and a down pipe for offloading water NEAR the taps… Fuckers. Hope next week is better – or not because I love reading these FFS posts!

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