Insert Witty Title Here

I’m having a little bit of an uninspired couple of weeks.

I have ideas, but I don’t know how to say them.

I have link ups I want to join, but I miss them.

Everthing feels a little too hard, too much.

I am just a big pile and CBF right now.

I’m tired.

My mouth hurts.

My kids won’t sleep.

I’m toilet training.

I don’t have a washing machine.

Want some more whiney excuses? I can probably do it all day.

I actually do have one valid excuse. Kinda. In my mind it’s valid. I’ve gone “back to work” – which I do from home. So I’m finding myself a little bit hectic at the moment.

I’m *trying* to get organised. Because I work, means I’m allowed to get a cleaner… Right? Right?!

I actually don’t need a cleaner. I need a nanny for overnight. I’ll express, you just feed her. Not the nanny, the baby. Because she is STILL waking a few times over night. And Mum, I love you, but I swear, I know you are reading this thinking “you girls all did that and I never had as much help as you have so you should be grateful” – you should definitely not tell me that. I just might lose it at you.

On the bright side. Christmas is nearly here. And by that, I mean it’s only a month till my birthday. Please don’t forget tattoodaddy.

Oh, speaking of Christmas, I have totally done ALL my shopping already. Except tattoodaddy. And Lola. But the way tattoodaddy is with presents, it would probably just be easier if I went and bought myself something and didn;t worry about buying him something.  He tells me that’s what I should do all the time.

OH! We bought a washing machine too. You know, because mine literally doesn’t fit into our new place.


So there’s a little update.

I’ll try and do wordless wednesday tomorrow, ok?



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