How seriously do you take your blog?

I’m curious.

How seriously do you take your blog?

I’m wondering if perhaps I don’t take it seriously enough. Or maybe too much?

I mean, I’m here because I need someone to talk to about the boring as batshit days that happen in my house. I like to think people enjoy reading what goes on in my life (I know this is mainly the Grandparents hoping for photo updates of the offspring, but I pretend there are more than just them visiting!)

I enjoy sharing. I LOVE comments. If free stuff comes my way for my blog, freakin awesome.

But I don’t treat it as a job. I don’t think I should, either.

I mean, if I treated it as a job – as a chore, what would be the point?

I want to know how those of you who do blog for a living keep enjoying it.

How do you not take it too seriously?




2 thoughts on “How seriously do you take your blog?

  1. I see it like a hobby, like knitting, only more addictive. I also see it like having a social group and having a conversation.

    I totally agree that I wouldn’t like to it as a job… too much pressure, I never set out to be a professional writer.

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