Big arms, rocket arms

Dex has recently started swimming lessons. I can’t begin to tell you how important I think they are. My parents have a dam on their property. Tattoodaddy had gotten up early with Dex,they were playing outside. Tattoodaddy walked inside and poured himself a bowl of cereal, walked back out. In that time, Dex had ran down to the dam and was sitting beside it, throwing rocks in.

That could very easily have ended differently.

One of the big reasons we enrolled him in swimming lessons.


With Miss Kim, putting the treasures away


Learning to float on his back


swimming to the edge


Watching the other kids


Going to the “monkey monkey” bar


Dex swimming underwater


Singing the goodbye song


I love our pool. I am grateful that such wonderful people want to teach young kids how to swim. Personally, I think trying to control and be responsible for 4 2 year olds in a pool doesn’t sound fun at all. But Miss Kim is amazing. We just started with Lola too and Lucky for us, Kim is our teacher that day as well.


Do your kids have swimming lessons?


6 thoughts on “Big arms, rocket arms

  1. That’s awesome!! They will be like little fish in no time! And sounds like you are lucky with your instructor 🙂

    My kids have never had lessons outside of school. Our old school out west had a pool, and all the school aged kids had lessons every warm enough day during school hours. Some days they would end up out there all day due to how hot it would get – it was fabulous having a qualified swimming instructor as principal!

    • He’s getting there =] He doesn’t scream his head off when I’m not in the water anymore. LOL
      I took him and Lola to the pool today and he loved it, kept swimming from the edge to me and back. So it’s obviously working and building his confidence, because whenever I took him before, he wouldn’t let go of me.

  2. Hi Tattoomummy :o) Great photos! I live in a little country town in WA, with no water in sight, but totally agree with your comment that most properties have a dam! I’m so glad your little boy ok, after being so close to your parents dam…My kids are all little fishies in water, thanks to lessons through school and Vacswim…I’m sure your kiddies will be the same very soon :o)

  3. I have recently been thinking about putting my little guy in swimming lessons. We have a pool in our backyard and he has just learnt how to get in and out by himself, so i think i need to Stop ‘thinking’ about it and actually Do it.

    So glad things didn’t end differently. xx

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