I <3 my body

Before I had children, I was so self conscious about my body. When I was a teen, I was tall and skinny. I thought I was gangly.

Then, I got curves. I thought I was fat.My boobs weren’t big enough, my hips were too big, my tummy not flat enough. All those stupid things we worry about.

Now, I love my body. I honestly do. I think it is beautiful. I still put my hand on my tummy sometimes because I’m amazed that I’ve made an grown two people in there.


I love my arms. They have cradled my children to sleep so many times.


I love my ankles, I think they are pretty and dainty.


I love my high cheek bones and my skin I never really do anything to.


I love my collar bones, they are feminie and fragile


I love my curves that make me able to totally rock a pretty dress


I love my belly, stretch marks and all. It housed my two most treasured beings for 8 months each.

Amazing ❤


What do you love about your body?


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You are beautiful


22 thoughts on “I <3 my body

  1. I love love love this post. Your smile is stunning. Your body is beautiful & it has done beautiful things growing babies.

  2. Another beautiful post featuring another gorgeous rockin woman. I love today. All these awesome shots, filling the world with good karma and happy vibes! p.s love your art!!!

  3. i have to say that i *love* your curves and how your tatts emphasis them! i love your chest tatt, it is just divine.

    i also love how you make a point of saying that you love your stomach because of having grown your children there – just what a female body is designed to do.

    thanks for sharing!


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