Oh FFS Friday

Because I’m too lazy to think up my own post, I’m joining in with Dear Baby G for:

Dear Baby G 

So. Here we go.

 Whenever I complain about my children and how much they don’t sleep, my mother always replies with “Harden the fuck up Princess.” Or something along those lines. Seriously, grats for pushing 5 of us out your va-jay-jay, but for once, just say something nice FFS

 Dex pulled ALL the leaves off my capsicum plant FFS 


I’m pretty sure my laundry is actually a brothel for unwashed clothes after I go to bed. The fuckers keep on multiplying FFS 

Dex poo’d during his swimming lesson on monday, cleaning the pool and cutting our lesson short. FFS

 The lady who was meant to be picking up a chair from my house today messaged me, I replied and then she never wrote back! FFS

 Pat is working 12 hour days. FFS

Tonight, my kids tag teamed for a fucking hour and a half. Screaming.  FFS  


I’ll leave it at that I think.Head over to visit Dear Baby G and have a bitch and moan about your week, too!


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