Must do monday



Pretty boring stuff. What’s on your list?


7 thoughts on “Must do monday

  1. Upload baby clothes for sale onto FB album.
    Fold washing.
    Wash kitchen floor.
    Meal plan/Groceries.
    Drop clothes off to girl who bought some.
    Drop progress payment invoice for house build into bank.
    Drop Baby O off to my cousin for a few hours to assist with getting to do list done.
    Tidy House.
    Cook dinner.
    Shower (see that? WAY down the list)…
    Pick up baby O and Miss E and meet hubs to swap over kids, then go to work.
    Come home – update blog, tidy up some more, then bed.
    Monday’s are BUSY!

    • Your mondays ARE busy!
      I hardly ever get all the stuff on my list done. Sometimes, I never bother wiping it off when I do get it done – like the washing up. It just multiplies constantly, so never gets removed from the list…

      • I have so far managed to do the clothes drop off, plus Baby O drop off and the progress payment invoice. That is it. Spanner thrown in works by me forgetting pram that had my house keys in it was in DH’s car so an hour round trip to pick them up from his work. Have done 1 load of washing & hung out. Quick look in op shop for some size 3 for Miss E resulted in 1 pair of shorts for her, 1 top for O (2 x jeans, 1 skirt, 2 tops & 1 dress for me – I never get to buy clothes without kids with me so was a required luxury. Plus a bargain at $49, which included 1 new with tags pair of jeans). Picked up 1 BBQ chook for lazy hot day dinner, need to get rolls and salad on way to pick up kids. Madly running around emptying all bins as it’s rubbish night and about to do quick clean up of house and shower. Then it’s kid pickup. Feel like nothing really has been done, my fault for getting distracted by op-shop!

  2. To do:
    Put up items for Sale
    Ring every company to tell them why we haven’t paid Bills
    Do dishes
    Put Toaster and Deep Fryer away
    Throw out the dying Celery and Radishes

    To get:
    Caster Sugar

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