WP won’t let me edit a recipe for you so I’m blogging this instead

Those who’ve been with me for a little while would be here from Bubs Under Budget.

That’s my old blog. And you would know that I had a $50 Grocery Limit

As I got more and more fat with child  pregnant, it went out the door a bit. I couldn’t go to the markets to do my shopping because it was too frikken hot. I couldn’t be bothered to do anything really.

Then, we moved into Mum and Dad’s. To save money. To pay off debt.

Annnnnddddd we moved out again.

So, here we are now. We paid off roughly $4000 from where we started

(that’s actually more than I thought it would be, I feel a little better right now!)


So, the point of all this – other than to spam you with links to my old blog posts – is to get back into my budget. I think I need to be a little more realistic this time because for one, I am now the owner of a toddler who eats like a Great Dane. But an expensive Great Dane. I think someone would probably report me if I just fed him leftovers and stuff out of the fridge I wasn’t sure about.

I’ve found one of the things I really struggle with is being prepared. Half the time I’m so exhausted I forget that I even have a child in the bed and they fall out (only happened twice, not half the time – that was an exaggeration) so preparing a balanced meal at 5pm when it’s the witching hour is beyond me most days.

And so, my kitchen is currently looking like a bomb has hit it because I have two different quiches, a massive lasagne and a corned beef cooking.

I’d love your ideas on healthy, cheap recipes and am more than happy to have you guest posting!


What’s your budget?



5 thoughts on “WP won’t let me edit a recipe for you so I’m blogging this instead

  1. Well done you on getting rid of $4000 of debt!!!

    What’s my shopping budget? As little as possible. Being a single mumma on a very fixed small income means I have to be extremely creative. And having two boys that eat like there is no tomorrow makes it… interesting.

    I don’t waste anything. If bananas go brown, they go in muffins. If apples go soft they can be grated and put in… yep muffins. you get the idea. Filling carbs. Pasta bakes are a big one in my house. I put what every vegetables I have in the fridge, tuna, or chicken, and a cheese sauce. feeds and fills them up.

    On average I would probably spend $75/week. Once a month I will restock the pantry and spend 150 to 200 – refilling it with cans of tomatoes, corn, chickpeas, lentils, peaches etc.

    I can make 500grams of mince into 3 meals for us…. 2 cans of tomatoes, grated carrots, grated zucchini, can of lentils… makes enough sauce for three meals.

    menu plan, shopping lists are a must!

    • Thanks!
      We actually would have been rid of more, except we bought a fridge, washing machine, vacuum and laptop in that time too. LOL
      Agree with you on the shopping list!

      And never just “pop out” to get something – it always ends up expensive!

  2. I actually go to a meat shop that mainly sells to restaurants but has a store front too. I can buy 3 weeks worth of meat for just over $100 depending on what I buy and what is on special too. Then I come home work out our meals from the meat purchased and then write a shopping list and head off to Coles to buy fruit/Veg and the rest. I have been finding this a huge budget winner for a number of reasons 1 the meat is so much cheaper then the supermarkets it is insane! 2 when I plan my meals I have a better idea of what we will eat and mentally makes me feel better and 3 when i make a list it helps me control what I purchase so I don’t overspend on bits and pieces. My husband and I both share the cooking too (he is much better but I am learning) We also tend to share the shopping but I do it to get out of the house at night when he is home and also he is such a foodie if I let him go who knows what he may come back with?!

    • We have a butcher who does meat delivery and a 10kg pack is $100 with a mix of animals/cuts. I love getting it from him because he raises the animals on his fam and butchers them himself, or if not him farming them, one of the other locals.

  3. Meal planning is essential for me. I try to get it done on Saturday so I can get as much as possible off my list from the Farmer’s Market the next day – the fruit and veggies always last way longer direct from the source too. I don’t have a budget as such (though I really should) but have found I am spending way less this way anyways. I do my big shop on a Monday while Miss E is in care. I shop from my Woollies app which means I totally skip aisles I don’t need (and therefore am not tempted to pick up extras).
    It also means that I’m not making last minute decisions of what to cook. Takes the stress off. AND (big bonus) by menu planning I use way less (or none) pre packaged stuff (pasta sauces/mixes etc).
    If I try a new recipe, I get feed back, if it’s good it gets added to the list of winners if not the recipe gets turfed!
    I will admit. This week/last week has been dismal though. I felt overwhelmed by birthday party preps last week – no meal plan was done and I’m working 6 nights/days this week 2 of those nights are in new job which starts earlier which restricts what I can cook too. So this week has been week of jar mixes and slow cooker bases etc. just cause I am exhausted and wanted easy way out. Will not beat myself up though . Next week will be better!
    Lord! That was an essay – sorry! Maybe I should be doing a HYB post on my recent menu planning successes/failures!

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