FFS Friday – Poo

The dog who is currently having a holiday at our house did the massivest, smelliest poo I have ever seen – inside FFS

I still am not sure if we are able to afford to go to DPCON12 FFS

Dexter pooed in his underwear. And told me about it.
Me: did you poo in your undies?
Him: Yeah, my poo in my undies. FFS

My pram didn’t sell at the tender centre and now I have to try and sell it on facebook FFS

I’m turning 24 this weekend and I still have no idea where my life is headed FFS

NO ONE in my family has offered help after my last FFS Friday post FFS

I have actually asked if Dex can go for a sleep over at Nanna and Grandad’s – with a big fat NO as the answer from Grandad. Pat’s parents would JUMP at the chance to have Dex for a night FFS

Lola is 7 months and still waking 4 times a night FFS

Dex is having a massive regression with toilet training. See above FFS

And to top it all off. I just found poo under my finger nails. And yes, I did wash my hands. And no, it’s not mine. FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G to complain about my first world problems from this week.


Dear Baby G  


2 thoughts on “FFS Friday – Poo

  1. Hey little love, sometimes you have to grab someone by the cheeks, get them to face you then tell them you need help before they actually realise you’re struggling. Thinking of you hun xx.

    BTW – at least you found the poo under your fingernails before it made it’s way into your sandwich :).

  2. Crap Jess! I think it’s pretty fair to say that evyeorne feels this shit at some stage. Many of us feel like we don’t deserve what we have at times. Remind yourself Jess, it DOES get better. It truly is very ordinary that your family aren’t following up on your calls for help but perhaps you’re now looking in all the wrong places. If you’ve asked your family/friends face to face; made the request clear; told them you’re at the end of your tether and they still haven’t come to play then chances are they never will. Look elsewhere my friend. Now there’s nothing worse than someone offering unwanted advice but I’m going to anyway (sorry about that), have you looked at joining a mother’s group and/or play group? At least it’s an avenue of support for you for women with kids the same age and more than likely going through the same shit you’re going through. It might be worth you chatting to your doctor too Jess and letting him or her know what’s going on. Your local GP is very likely to know of other support groups around that will help you get through this really tough patch. Thinking of you love, I really, truly am xxx

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