Tattoo Tuesday – Hero


What: scroll with writing and cherry blossoms
Where: on the outside of my right ankle
By: Lauren at Yakuza Tattoo
Why: She needed to practice free handing her cherry blossoms. My Grumpa had just died and only at his funeral did I find out what an amazing man he was.
He served in both Korea and Veitnam. After being honerably discharged after a helicopter accident, he joined the Red Cross and rescued children from Cambodia. Amazing.
I got “hero” because I didn’t want people saying “ohhhhh, who’s Tom *wink wink*” (His name was Tom)
I think it suits him.
My Mum was cranky at me once about my tattoos and she told me he would have hated it. That hurt – a lot. But it’s my way to pay tribute to him and that’s what counts.


2 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – Hero

  1. Tattoos that mean something to you are to menso much more valuable than the “trendy sleeve” or skinny white kid with the Samoan tribal arm band. Well done Lauren. My question is whether now that you are more accomplished as an artist would you repeat the tattoo ie Hero 2.0?

    • I *hate* when people get tribal because it’s cool.
      I would do this, but I’d look silly with it on me twice, I may tattoo my leg with some cherry blossoms though, for practice =]

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