Oh (fake) Christmas Tree





Thought I’d ease myself back into the world of blogging by sharing my tree with you.

I just put it up by myself because that is a lot easier than the alternative of toddler smashing glass baubles and baby eating glass baubles.

I also put it up on a table because Lola is not quite cruising furniture yet, although i’m sure that bastard murphy is teaching her as she sleeps so she can play with the tree tomorrow.

Our angel’s wings fell off so it’s actually an androgynous being in a mumu chilling on the to of the tree.

I love this tree because 1. It was a bargain I got at k mart after christmas and 2. It comes partially decorated with red berries, fake snow and glitter.

And yes, it has come to my attention that I don’t own christmas lights. Shame on me.

I have also added the christmas photo from this year. Because everyone loves a photo of a photo and creepy santa is creepy.


5 thoughts on “Oh (fake) Christmas Tree

  1. Hadn’t noticed the wingless angle until you pointed it out lol. Just think, soon you will have lots of lovely hand made Xmas tree decorations to add to your tree. I still have some of Pats. xxx

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