FFS Friday

Linking up with Dear Baby G for the first FFS Friday of the year. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean the same old shit stops happening.


My tooth fell apart while I was eating a lolly. Like literally, the front fell off it – FFS

I have just returned from an hour long dentist appointment, wherein my very enthusiastic dentist has fixed  my tooth and chunked out my gums in the process – FFS

My whole fucking face hurts from holding my mouth open for so long – FFS

As my feeling comes back in my mouth (because the sadistic dentist decided to put a filling in both sides of my mouth because he had time) I am noticing a sharp little bit on the top of one of the teeth and am wondering how many little cuts my tongue has aquired while it has been numb – FFS

And then as I was leaving he said to me “One more filling and we are done! Well… Done with your bottom teeth any way…” – FFS

I have sold something on ebay and it has been 4 days and I have not heard from the buyer – FFS

I sold something on facebok and the lady is only… Oh 3 and a bit hours late to pick it up – FFS

tattoodaddy is away until whenever he feels like coming back, so my usual shirking of household duties doesn’t quite cut it when I’m parenting solo – FFS

He sent me a message this morning that said “I miss you” and I got all weepy and sooky – FFS

There is no milk – FFS


And a serious one:

This morning a douchebag friend of the man upstairs decided to piss under our clothesline. When he realised I was in the laundry (which looks out on the clothesline) he decided to move 2 metres to the right and piss on a wood divider thing – which is where Dex plays ALL THE TIME. I proceeded to tell him once he’d done his business to please not pee out the back, we have kids that play there and got told “You don’t talk to me, I don’t care” – FFS



3 thoughts on “FFS Friday

  1. OMG you seriously live in a crappy apartment block! Move out, your neighbours and their friends are so feral!

    Hope you face and teeth/gums feel better soon 🙂 xxx

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