We Don’t Have a T.V.

We don’t have a T.V.
There, I said it. And no, we aren’t hippies. I mean, I’m pretty pro-breastfeeding and we use MCN’s (better for your baby, smell better, look better, feel nicer, less rashes, CHEAPER) but I don’t think these make one a hippie.

I love that we don’t have a T.V. It’s not that we don’t want one. Ask tattoodaddy and he’ll tell you about the amazing 60inch 3D LCD T.V. he will have. One day. But not right now. Why? We don’t need it.

And I realise yes, this may ruffle some feathers. And no I’m not insinuating that parents who have T.V.s don’t love their children. Or that they don’t care for them or about them. I just feel like right now, I am a better parent because we don’t have a T.V.

I spend time with my children. A lot of time.

I got asked “But what do you do with the kids?!” when it recently was announced I don’t have a T.V.
Well… I do parent things. I cook with them, a lot. We learn about vegetables and fruit and mixing things. We play playdoh. We go for walks. We go to the park. We read books. We have tea parties and colour in. It’s not that hard really.

“But you need it for education!” Is an arguement that I often hear.
Well no, we don’t. We have a computer. We occasionally watch clips on youtube, depending what Dex is interested in at the time. At 28 months old, he can tell me the difference between a girl lion and a boy lion is the hair on their neck because we watch real animals. Doing real things. We watch documentaries.

Occasionally we will have a late night and watch How to Train Your Dragon on the laptop. These are treats though. He gets so excited when we are going to watch it.

I enjoy not having a T.V. for another reason: I get to spend more time with tattoodaddy. We do crosswords together. We talk. I spend time drawing or reading or writing. Granted, I think this is also because we have cancelled our World of Warcraft subscriptions. But even that is interacting with each other (yes, we are completely lame and quest together) instead of just sitting and watching T.V.I think video games can be very good for mental education, strategies, planning, organisation etc.

I just… Don’t see the point. The hype.
I can’t comprehend having a T.V. in my bedroom because personally, I don’t like what that would do to MY relationship. I enjoy that when we go to bed, we lay there and chat. Laugh. Beat each other up over which side of the bed is who’s. And I don’t think we would do that if we had a big ass T.V. in our room.

I’m not saying that people who do have T.V.s are bad parents. What I am saying is that I think not having one, has made me a better parent. IT makes me feel more free. I don’t start the day frustrated by the songs on the children’s shows, or upset by whatever terrible thing is on the news. My children don’t have shows they just have to watch or they throw a tantrum.

And that works for me.


3 thoughts on “We Don’t Have a T.V.

  1. Very honest Jess, and as I’ve quite often been heard saying – you’ve gotta do what’s right for your family. If having no TV makes is better for your relationship with your partner and your kids then who cares what others do or think. Bravo! X

  2. We do have a tv, but after our recent move, we were without one for a fortnight, as we hadn’t moved it over from Dad’s, and we very seriously considered leaving it there. For all the reasons you say.
    We did end up bringing it though, but we have careful consideration to where it was placed. It is in the loungeroom, as opposed to the living room where the kids play. It is On a side wall not facing the couch and in a cabinet where we can close doors on it.
    Miss E has also been put on tv/DVD detox as I will admit before the move, she was watching a lot of tv. Small house, working lots, a baby to deal with and packing to move = me stressed and me (sadly) taking the easy road.
    Now, she might watch something 3 times a week at best. She doesn’t ask all.the.time to watch tv anymore and her language has come on in leaps and bounds, most likely due to just having more conversations with us.
    So I completely get it and would never question anyone for not having one, I applaud it. For us, our compromise works 🙂

  3. Ahhhhh, so refreshing- I have a TV by the way- but this doesn’t offend me at all. I love it! Think it might motivate me to turn mine off! xo

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