Why World of Warcraft is better than Real Life

There are a fair few reasons I like WoW more than RL most days.

I am so short of things to write about, I thought that I would share them with you:

  1. I’m rich in Azeroth. Simple as that. I can buy pretty much anything I want.
  2. I make rockin’ jewellery. And I can wear rockin’ jewellry. In RL necklaces look stupid on me because of my chest peice tattoo. So I can’t wear them.
  3. I can turn into a cat. And a dugong thing. Oh and a freakin’ bird. If I don’t feel like summoning my dragon, *POOF* I’m a bird.
  4. I have a hearthstone. No travelling too and from home. Seriously. how great would life be if we could just hearthstone home instead of having to get in the car and spend time driving there? 10 seconds and DONE!
  5. There’s a sense of community. And by community, I mean either 12 year old boys or 35 year old boys (both kinds still living with their parents) thinking I must be a RL girl and helping me do stuff. Especially when I play my Blood Elf. She IS a babe
  6. I can be anyone I want. I’m a god damn Tauren (a cow thing for you who don’t play) and it doesn’t matter. No having to put make up on. No even having to get dressed, for that matter!
  7. I am magic. Enough said.
  8. I am good at it. Not like Raid Leader good, but good enough that I can hold my own.
  9. It is no effort at all to go fishing. I don’t have to worry about going and getting bait, a fishing liscence or any of those things. I just decide I would like to fish here and I do.
  10. I have pets. Lots of pets. That I don’t have to feed or walk or anything really. They just hang out until I decide to call one of them up and then they follow me around looking cute.


Oh, also because I can have completely stupid names and no one cares.



4 thoughts on “Why World of Warcraft is better than Real Life

  1. this brings me back to my teens! I used to play AD&D, my character was a half-elf druid, I can so relate to #5, I made her pretty smart and conniving and good looking, came in pretty handy during tournaments 😉

    LOL, I am such a nerd!!!!

  2. I love this post! I adore the knickers off Second Life & Utherverse (and not for the virtual bonking either)…I totally get the avatar/fake life thingy.
    We can all fly, be super hot, change our body shape, skin colour, boob size, have special powers and do all this and more, IMMEDIATELY.

    I’m scared to look into WoW because I know I’d get addicted. Especially if you could be a fairy with a sword.

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