FFS Friday. Fuck

Joining Dear Baby G having a bitch about my problems.

It has rained for a whole week, which means my toddler has been possessed by some demon that makes him run around at top speed. Constantly. FFS

My children have decided sleep is overrated. So they are both tag teaming waking up throughout the night. FFS

I was so over Dex wanting to sleep in my bed that I told him if he didn’t sleep in his bed, he would go and sleep outside in the rain. He got excited FFS

My night light is broken. FFS

Yes, MY night light, for when I don’t want to be blinded or wake Lola up when she’s having her fourth midnight feed. Not much choice now because the fucker is fucked. FFS

Lola eats the carpet. FFS

No one wants to be my roomie for DPCON12 FFS

TD got all excited because dinner has both bacon and mushrooms in it. So excited that he stated “this is the best day ever!” Stupid me replied with “And I didn’t even have to give you a blow job”. Which he somehow took to mean he’s getting lucky tonight. FFS

When you cook bacon and chicken together the chicken stays pink. How am I meant to know it’s cooked? FFS


Dear Baby G


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