Fresh Meat Preparation

I’m starting Roller Derby tomorrow night as Fresh Meat and I just found this great article from a Port Maquarie Roller Derby, one of whom is also starting tomorrow with Coffs Coast Derby Dolls.
I thought I’d share this for anyone who is thinking about getting into it.

I’ll be going to yoga in the morning to make sure I’m all limbered up!

Roller Derby AU

The derby season is starting up and fresh meat intakes are being advertised around the country. You may have been eyeing out the game for a while, attended a few bouts or even strapped on your old dusty skates for the first time in over a decade. But are you truly ready to become a derby girl?

When Holly Not-Likely and I signed up for Fresh Meat with the Western Sydney Rollers in October 2010, we had almost three months to prepare for our first training night. We had all our gear and were hitting Penrith Skatel and public outdoor courts whenever we could. Neither of us had skated in years and openly considered ourselves non-skaters. Doing our own research the message was clear: the most important thing we could do was get on our skates whenever we could! As our first training night approached we were feeling slightly moreā€¦

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