I Call Bullshit on the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is not something that just happens.
I call bullshit on the pursuit of happiness. I don’t believe it’s a pursuit. That implies it’s possible that you will never find happiness.

Happiness is an attitude.
An action.
The belief that what you have is good.
That you deserve what you have.
That while there are things like debt and bills and lawns to be mowed, all that doesn’t matter when you have one moment of holding the person you love in your arms.

Happiness isn’t something you always feel.
If you always felt it, it would become the new average.
And then that wouldn’t be happy.
Happy is being able to genuinely smile.
Happiness is wanting to share things with the person you love.
Happiness is enjoying the feeling of holding them.
Happiness is feeling appreciated for what you do.
Happiness is your child’s hand in yours as you watch them fall asleep.
Happiness is smelling your baby girl’s special baby smell in the middle of the night when they are curled up next to you.
Happiness is an arm thrown over you to cuddle you in the middle of the night.

You can’t just expect it to happen one day. It doesn’t work that way.
If that is how you choose to live, you will end up a bitter, lonely person. Disappointed in every way.
You can’t just sit in front of the computer and wait for it to hit you in the face. It won’t.

Why? Because it’s out there waiting for you to live your life.
To make the most of the life you chose.
That’s what happiness is.
Making the most of what you’ve got.
Wanting what you’ve got.
Stop looking at all the things you’re being told you should have and actually fucking enjoying what you do have.

It’s cowardly to just leave without trying to fix it.
There, I said it. Cowardly.
to run away because it’s too hard.
Because it will take work.
You can’t claim it’s the only thing to do when you haven’t tried anything else.
You can’t say “we never get to spend time together” but never ask anyone to help.
You can’t expect me to not fight to keep you.
You can’t believe it gets better than having three people who love you with their whole hearts to come home to at the end of the day.

Because that’s what you have. Complete love.
What could make you happier than knowing that?


11 thoughts on “I Call Bullshit on the Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I must be a little emotional because this made me tear up!

    I agree 100% with everything you said and I hope that tattoodaddy fights for his family and realises how lucky he is.


  2. I’m so sorry this is happening to you Jess. When I saw it on fb I honestly thought it was a mistake. Just some fb glitch. I hope so much that he comes back to his family. What’s with men? Feeling unloved when you have loved
    them all the time.

  3. I LOVE the way you write. You are such an amazing person xx
    I’m sorry this has happened to you and your family, I hope you guys can work something out soon

  4. This is so true, Jess. That whole “I gotta be meeeee and move on” shit. It NEVER works. You run away, sure. But where you run to there will always be again…. You. I loved this post. I hope if nothing else that it helps you to see it in writing and know that you called bullshit on this pursuit of so-called happiness, cos you said it so well. If you had it all the time, it’d be your new average. Yes!

  5. but you will always be pursuing happiness, even if your happy and it gets average then you’ll be pursuing to be happier

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