Who Am I?

I am 24 years old.
I love Tiger Army, the Misfits, Otep, Nekromantix, Horrorpops, Turisas.
Pirate metal makes me happy. Battle metal makes me want to play WoW.
I wish I was going to Soundwave.
I enjoy gaming but I’m not exceptionally good at it.
I alternate between being an extrovert who needs to be the centre of attention and an anxious, socially awkward introvert paranoid about what people around me are thinking. I realise both of these are destructive to me.

I love Earl Grey tea and china tea cups.
I love pretty cupcakes and I love cooking for people I care about.
I love feeling pretty wearing dresses, giggling and putting on eyeliner.

The best thing I have ever eaten was ricotta, honey and cinnamon on turkish toast.

Zombies fascinate me.

I have discovered that even if you quit smoking, the craving for it never goes away.
I’m not a non-smoker. I’m someone who has been fighting against it for the last 3 years.

When I am sad or stressed I like to feel in control.
This leads to lots of cleaning and/or purchases I try and justify.

I am a tattoo enthusiast.
I struggle not to physically hurt myself sometimes.
piercings and tattoos are a socially acceptable alternative (in my opinion).

I would love to learn Burlesque. But no singing.
I have a terrible singing voice.
Potentially tone deaf.

I am a mother of two.
I am pro cloth nappy, pro breastfeeding, pro choice.
I enjoy being a stay at home mother – for now.

I believe in the kind of love that lasts forever.

I didn’t have to spend a life time figuring out what I want to do with my life.
For a brief period I was a tattoo artist.
I WILL be again.
I have both faith and determination.

I sometimes struggle to believe in myself.
I enjoy growing vegetables because I can see the progress daily.

I am a loyal friend. I will be there for someone if they need me, no matter what.
I worry that I am putting people out so wait for them to call me.
If/when they don’t I tend to think they don’t want to be my friend rather than just they may have been waiting for me to call.

I have a sense of humor that can be awkward.

I can be impulsive, irrational and jealous.
I don’t like that about myself.
But impulsive CAN be fun if it is done the right way.

I am capable of losing myself


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