Change of Thought




I just had an epiphany of sorts.

The other day I was talking to a friend about the difference of want and need.
I said that while we need people in our lives to share things with, happiness, sadness and everything in between, I don’t need a significant other, but I very much want someone.

I was wrong. So, SO wrong.

I do need that significant other. Because above anything, that person should be my very best friend.
I will want other friends of course, but I won’t need them so much, because I will have my best friend.

Everything else that comes with the very best friend is a bonus. If the sex is great and they have great parents, all the better.
But firsty, they should be your very best friend.

I forgot that.


One thought on “Change of Thought

  1. i so love the wisdom that you show and the strength and resolve you have to make your life and that of those beautiful children so much better. I am proud to have you as my daughter. I love you.

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