Moving Forward


All you can do in life is move forward.
Not because all that is happening in your current situation is bad, more because really, forward is the only place to go.
So, I am moving forward.

I’m sure there are people wondering my status with tattoodaddy, but i can’t tell you that right now.

What I can tell you is that I have been accepted into Uni to Study a Bachelor of Media, majoring in Media Design.
I have also been applying for jobs because I am finally acknowledging that although I love my children and I love being with my children I need time away from them as well.

I started pole dancing, which I absolutely love.

I have stopped worrying what people think so much and am wearing things because I want to.
Life is too short to be worried about what other people think.
Excpet the people that I choose to worry about what they think. And by that I mean those nearest and dearest to me.
Anyone else?
Well, who cares.
Not me


5 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Pole dancing is fun, it’s connection with the previous sentence made me giggle a little! I totally understand what you mean about the time away from your children. Sanity is important! I’m so happy for you about uni and that you are finding a way forward. I hope you find your dreams in your reality. xox

  2. I admire you & am proud of you. You are a great mum, wife, sister etc etc. You are idivual & you are not frightened of what people think of you. You are great at your art etc. You need “ýou” time & Im more than happy to help when I can. Just let me know.

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