FFS Friday – The Tired Edition

ImageMy deciding to be true to me and do things I want to do is awesome. However, a lot of these things I want to do (keep your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about internet gaming) can’t really be done while the children are awake unless you want you toddler going to daycare saying “Mummy killed dem! she did!” so I end up staying up late to play. And then I’m tired. FFS

TD and I worked out a fairer roster with household chores and he is cooking every second night. So why do I feel guilty about not doing what I should be doing. The kids are still alive at the end of the day my job is done FFS

TD cooks heaps better meals than I do. FFS

Lola is in disposables at the moment because she has terrible, terrible nappy rash so I have $450ish of cloth nappies just sitting there looking pretty FFS

I got a kitten. As a spur of the moment thing I knew I shouldn’t do. I was going to give her free to good home to someone who would love her dearly. But she is so cute and Dex and Dolores love her. And she is toilet trained and everything. So I am keeping her. FFS

She mewwwwws a lot. FFS

Dex bit a child at daycare. In his defence, the child in question clawed Dex’s face, but I still can’t say “Yeah, he deserved it” FFS

I am looking for a job and it is harrrddddddd FFS

My ceiling fan sqeaks whenever it’s on. Drives me fucking crazy. FFS

I have lost a fair bit of weight lately (which is nice) but my clothes aren’t fitting me properly anymore and I don’t have money to do the wardrobe overhaul I would like. FFS

I am soooo fucking tired. FFS

My parents had both children last friday so that TD and I could go out to dinner and just hang out. And the kids were up all night. So at least now my parents know why I’m so tired all the tume but I’m not sure they’ll have them again very soon FFS

I am the mother of an 11 month old. When the hell did that happen? My little bubba is 11 months. FFS

Dear Baby G


6 thoughts on “FFS Friday – The Tired Edition

  1. FFS yes they were up all night and your father, mother and sister love them dearly but another all nighter might not happen real soon.

    I love you to death honey but ‘been there done that’ does come to mind and whilst you can say ‘ i know that mum and you don’t need to rub it in’ just remember it will get easier and at least you are providing a laugh or two for your mother.

    Go have a nap and stop feeling guilty about doing things you want, I do that enough for both of us and have since you and your sibblings were born and still do it now.

    Go enjoy your self, eve if it is ‘killin em’

  2. i’ve decided that guilt is a far easier emotion to deal with than the ‘fall out’ of having fun. But, in saying that, where is the fun in that? 😉 So bugger off guilt and start thinking of you!

    I’ve been terrible with blogs lately, but just wanted to reply and say I think you are doing great and to go have fun killing dem.

    Oh and maybe its the insides of the nappies that is giving Lola rash. Try getting some raw silk liners and see how she goes with those.

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