I Miss Wanted

I miss feeling wanted.
The whole push you up against a wall in a really aggressive kiss that leaves you breathless kind of wanted.
(And yes, agressive IS the word I am looking for here, agressive can be good).

I miss lingering kisses that promise more later.
I miss looks across the room and sly smiles.

I miss feeling sexy.
I miss feeling sensual.

It’s so easy to lose these things when you become a parent.
You don’t have time.
You’re too tired.
What will everyone else think?
What kind of an example would you be setting for your children?!

To be honest, I think the example I would be sending my children is that I am a confident woman.
I am in a relationship that doesn’t need to change or lose it’s spark just because I have children.
I love myself enough to not sacrifice my sexuality just because I am a parent.
OBVIOUSLY I am not talking about having them witness to everything because that is child abuse.
But why is it so wrong for children to see a passionate kiss between parents?

I miss wanted.
My god I miss that feeling.
I will find that again.


6 thoughts on “I Miss Wanted

  1. Having children DOES change a relationship. It DOES take time away from you. It DOES make you tired. All of those things are ok. All it means is that finding the spark again takes more effort than it used to. It gets buried under poopy nappies and paint-covered clothes, it hides behind yawns and lurks around excuses.

  2. I read a great tip somewhere recently for parents. Go on a date but don’t ready at home together, instead meet out at the place you are going to (bar, restaurant etc), just like you did when you were dating. I thought that was a great idea. Something about getting ready in front of one another with kids hanging onto your legs that kills the mood & mystery before it starts. The tip was to maybe drop the kids at the sitters/grandparents etc then perhaps wife gets ready at home & hubby could head out straight from work or something like that. The idea of having to find each other in the room is quite different to the norm.

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