FFS Friday – New Skinny Jean Edition


I bought new jeans a little while a go off eBay and when I opened then tattoodaddy said “Are they children’s jeans?” FFS

There was no way in hell those bad boys were fitting me FFS

Now, because I’ve lost so much weight from not sleeping, I am sitting here, writing this while wearing them. Unfortunately, I need to wee and I’m not sure I’d get the zip back up if I took them off. I guess on the bright side, they are restricting blood flow to my lower half which means I’m not feeling the need to wee so much now. FFS

We won’t even mention muffin tops FFS

I went to bed last night at 11pm. Lola had her last feed then. She woke at 3am certain she needed another feed. Dex woke at 5am wanting weetbix. Convinced him to climb into bed with me instead. Both children up at 6:45am. No wonder I am tired FFS?!

Everyone is at DPCON12 today and I’m not FFS

They will all be meeting people of awesome like Magneto Bold Too and Parental Parody and Good Googs. Not to mention Dear Baby G who is the host of FFS Friday. FFS

Parental Parody was taking wine. FFS

They will all be doing awesome things like eating sushi, drinking cocktails, singing karaoke and buying shoes. FFS

I just want to go out and get smashed and not care where/with who I end up at the end of the night but my brain recognises that I am just wanting to feel wanted, but not that kind of wanted and so it’s not going to happen. Not to mention I’m not that kind of girl. FFS

I don’t have anyone to ask if that is a normal reaction to a breakup? FFS

I am looking for a job and it is actually a lot more depressing that I expected it to be. FFS

I was accepted into uni (YAY!) Doing a Bachelor of Media, majoring in Media Design (Double YAY!) And everyone has chosen now to bitch to me about how terrible uni is and how much they hate it. FFS

Yesterday, Dex went to Daycare. I asked if he had an accident and he replied “Yes I did. I had two. I did a wee and a poo. And I did a poo on the floor when I took my shorts off and it came out of my undies. Miss Cole had to clean it up. It was funny.” His teachers are going to hate me. FFS

I just had to undo the jeans. FFS


Dear Baby G


5 thoughts on “FFS Friday – New Skinny Jean Edition

  1. Your question “if this is anormal reaction to a break up”? I don’t think there is a normal reaction. I was all over the place with emotions. Angry. Wanting revenge. Wanting someone to comfort you. Not wanting anyone. Hating men. Sad. Self pity. And that was in 1/2 hour.

    The best thing you can do is not be rash. Think it over. I was not game to go near my photos because I wanted to tear them all up. But I knew I would regret it.

    Thinking of you. Sending my love. Call me if you need to. xx

  2. I wish I was drinking cocktails, buying shoes and partying with cool bloggy people too. Curse you baby ~pouts~

    And by the way, Uni is AWESOME! I would have stayed there forever if I could.

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