Everyone says it, but you never really listen

It’s nothing major that I miss the most.

I mean yes I miss being wanted. But it’s much more than that.

It’s definitely the little things.

Notice, the next time you spend time with your significant other.
A hand, ran along the shoulder as you walk by.
Resting on your hips to guide you out of the way instead of just asking you to move.
Sitting lightly on your thigh when you’re driving.
Even just brushing against someone – not being so conscious of there being a distance between you.

Being able to kiss someone goodbye.
Being able to kiss someone, just because.
Being able to do something nice for someone…rub their neck, whatever.Because there doesn’t need to be a distance.

Them climbing into bed and feeling a kiss on the neck when you’re half asleep.
Just affection and the closeness that comes from it.
That is what I miss the most.
Those little touches.

That and the way he said “I love you”


2 thoughts on “Everyone says it, but you never really listen

  1. Yes. It was hard for me because I knew someone was getting that. I used to tingle at his touch. I would cry myself to sleep. Cry myself awake. He never wanted to hold my hand though.
    I love what I have now. Neil is so gentle & soft. I love the way he looks at me & smiles. His touch. Kisses. And hand holding & Cuddles. I think thats why I miss him so much when he goes away. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Gosh…yes. I love so many aspects of being single, but the human touch thing is something that I occasionally crave. Fortunately my kids are great huggers. I understand though-it’s not the same, and I miss it too x

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