Cat say Meow. Best Present Ever

This is Henny Penny.
With Lola’s first birthday coming up VERY quickly – three days to be exact (you can read her birth story here ) I have been a little at a loss as to what to get her.
I am completely over plastic shit.
It just breaks. Gets dirty and you can’t fix it when it breaks. Or it squishes. OR it doesn’t fit together properly in the first place.
I have decided that my children’s toys will be a bit more high quality and repairability to teach them both a) if you look after it, it will last a lifetime b) if it breaks, we fix it and c) it is important to buy things that are sustainable for the environment, that can be recycled or will break down.

So I was a little unsure where to start. The motivation for this was a shitty food set that I got the kids and as soon as it is “pretend eated” (read: bitten) it squishes and it is impossible to get back into shape. It got scratched, it got dirty. It got more squished.
I got rid of it.

I found some gorgeous felt food on eBay which will be wonderful as I will be able to wash it.
But more, a friend offered to make Lola a Henny Penny.

And it is beautiful.
Soft and cuddly, cute and colourful. Well made and repairable if anything does happen.
Everything I wanted.

You should check her stuff out on Facebook Cat Says Meow.
She makes beautiful bunting,toys, taggies and more.
She’s a WAHM and a lovely lady – please go, look and like.


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