My One Year Old

This little girl turned 1 on the 2oth April.
There wasn’t a big fanfare, there wasn’t even a party.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t the most beautiful, amazing little girl I’ve ever known.

When she hears a phone ringing, she holds her hand up to her ear and says hello.
She lays down on the floor when you say “Awww sleepy.”
She loves sharing her food with you.
She loves running and loves her big brother.
She gets excited about leaving the house.
She loves eating.
She is already independent and strong-willed.
She pulls the cutest face when she is being cheeky – crinkling up her nose with a smile that lights up her eyes.
I am so lucky – it is easy to forget this sometimes, caught up in the day-to-day monotony of it all.

But I know love, true, pure love. My children. And I am so amazed that I have them.
To be able to have two little perfect beings in my life.

It’s more than I ever dreamt.


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