Must Do Monday

  • Figure out a way to stop the baby littlest toddler crying.
  • Accept the fact my children definitely do NOT need all of those clothes I layby-ed.
  • Cancel all those clothes I layby-ed and just get them a couple of pairs of track suit pants/jumpers each.
  • Go to a Newsagent at some point and buy replacement Bumper Puzzler book for Tattoodaddy because I was the one who left the big scissors in toddler reach.
  • Take Dex to swimming hope it wears him out.
  • Dinner maybe?
  • Bake some Corn Bread
  • Catch up on all my blog reading because I’ve been missing for 3 weeks with no internetz and I feel horribly out of the loop!
  • Call Toyota



Fuck it all. New list.

  • Sit in the sun and watch the kids play.
  • Drink a coffee.
  • Maybe bake something



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