Why I Love Me

It occurred to me the other day that I spend a lot of time thinking about what I love in other people.
My children, mainly.
Tattoodaddy sometimes.
My family occasionally when they have pissed me off and I need to remind myself why I continue to go and see them.
But never why I love myself.
So, I’m going to share with you why I think I’m fuckin’ rad.

Reasons I love me

  • I have an awesome sense of humour. I mean hi-larious. For example, the other day, tattoodaddy asked if I could get milk and I grabbed my boobs and he just rolled his eyes and shook his head. He clearly does not appreciate how brilliant my wit is. I also think puns are funny. And saying inappropriate things in public. Or even better, teaching my son that God’s real name is Rob Flynn
  • I am a great cook. I make delicious meals. I would date me just for the pleasure of eating my meals, luckily, because I’m me, I do not have to date me. I just have to cook.
  • I know how to use the right they’re, their and there. E.G. “They’re in their car, over there.”Sounds simple as, right? No, you’re wrong. It seems everyone has no idea which is right and if you correct someone, or delete your cousin from facebook because you’re pregnant and it is really shitting you, you’re the crazy one.
  • My hair looks great no matter what I do to it. Seriously. Colour, style – you name it.
  • I have the ability to empathise with almost anything. I cried three times in Brother Bear. Why? Because I was thinking about how if my sisters and I came up against a bear, I’d probably sacrifice myself too. And then I thought about how I’d miss them and they’d miss me. And then I thought about missing out on my son’s life (Lola wasn’t born yet). Yes, there may have been breastfeeding hormones involved…
  • I have an awesome taste in music. Who does not like metal/ pirate metal/ rockabilly/ psychobilly/punk/rock and roll as in Elvis rock and roll. Not Nickleback rock and roll. They do not count and anything but shit.
  • I have heaps of tattoos and I’m not ashamed of it. I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot and I’m not afraid of it.
  • I love completely. If I get hurt, so be it. It is always worth it. I believe that if you love someone, they should know. They should never doubt it for a second. Life is too short for doubt and fights and questioning.
  • I follow my heart. I do what’s best for me. I do  what’s best for my children. I will fight for what I think is right.
  • I am a great listener. And I enjoy listening. I enjoy helping people.


This post might seem really up myself. But it’s not. Why should it be considered up myself to recognise all the good things in me? We are constantly encouraged to recognise the good in others – why not ourselves too?
This was encouraged by Addalittlesunshine who gave me the one lovely blog award. I was meant to tell you 7 things about myself, so there you go 🙂
And I am meant to pass it on, you we have:


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